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Time Warner High-Speed InternetMove at blazing fast speeds you can’t get onTime Warner Digital Cable TV dial-up, when you access the Internet directly over a super fast broadband Time Warner Cable connection.

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Internet Special
• only $34.95/mo. for 12 mos.
• Up to 10 Mbps Download Speed
• Get a lot more speed for $10 more/mo.
• FREE Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, & More!
/mo. for 12 mos

“Always on” connection. The Internet is at your finger-tips as soon as you put your hand on the mouse. You never have to “dial in” or “disconnect” – you’re always connected and always online.

Blazing speed. Surf up to 3 times the speed of most standard DSL packages and up to 100x faster than dial-up*.

Security & virus scan. FREE Internet Security Suite Software is available to Road Runner customers. Get FREE Anti-Virus protection, Anti-spam, Firewall protection, product upgrades and updates, and web support.

Protect your family. FREE Internet Parental Controls help you monitor your child’s access to what they do while browsing the web. As a customer – You get to enjoy some of the best the Web has to offer on your personalized Road Runner Web portal – full of customizable content, from popular videos, news and movie trailers to CD-quality music, fun and challenging games, and up to 500 MB of storage space.

Time Warner Cable is your best choice for internet . Satellite , DSL, and Dial Up internet cant compare. The Road Runner High Speed internet network is available almost anywhere in the United States. Click on the banner bellow to check availability where you live:

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