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If entertainment is what you are looking for, you might want to start with a Comcast cable TV package. Though Comcast has been offering cable television for a very long time, the new services are so much more advanced that theyTime Warner Digital Cable TV barely even resemble the service of a few years back. Comcast delivers state of the art technology in everything from your digital receiver to your programming content. And, the company has added a ton of bonuses to every programming package, such as digital music channels (for great commercial-free listening), locals, and On Demand access.

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Cable TV Special
• Thousands Of On Demand Choices
• Pause, Rewind, Record TV with DVR
• Get Up To 100 HD Channels
/mo. for 12 mos

Because these are offered with every programming package, even if you get the most basic package you are assured of having access to the latest technology. And, don’t forget that Comcast offers some of the largest programming packages around- such as On Demand Platinum Plus with over 270 channels. With their new HD Channel Line up, Comcast HDTV provides more Hi Definition content than ever before making it an easy choice to stick with cable.

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