Computer Cables

Wires, Cable, Fittings and Connectors

Your communication devices are connected by cables and wires. Low voltage communication cables and wires. RG5, RG6, CAT 5, CAT 6 Ethernet cables.

Coax Cable & Wires

Cable and satellite tv require copper cable of either RG6 or RG59 that run to the receiver, delivering a digital signal that gets de-scrambled and displayed on your screen.

Internet Cable & Wires

Cable Internet first runs via coax cable to a modem, then to router or computer via CAT5 or faster CAT6 Ethernet cable. This is also called data cable.

Phone Wires & Cable

Phone lines use a standard telephone cable in your home or business, and the same cable from your wall outlet to the phone set. Wired phones then have a cord to the handset.

Computer Cables & Wire

Computers use a variety of cables, wires and cords to operate and connect peripherals from external hard drives to monitors. Get your computers connected here.

Audio/Video Wires & Cable

TV’s, projectors, stereos and other media devices all need to be connected from their source (cable box/receiver) to their display. This is where you can learn more.

Security Camera Cable & Wires

Security cameras use RG59 and 18/2 gauge wire or Category 5 data cables to operate. Connect to a DVR to record and monitor events.