Save Money on Internet Service with a Wi-Fi Modem

Your Internet is Expensive – You Should Save Money

Internet service is kind of expensive in the US. In fact, it ranks among the highest costs for hi-speed Internet service in the world. On top of that, internet service providers (ISPs) are charging up to $12.95/ month for their WiFi modem and service agreement.

While you may not be able to choose your cable provider depending where you live, you can decide whether to rent a modem  and wireless router from your Internet provider or to use your own.

Own Your Cable Modem/Router

By using your own Wi-Fi Modem, you can save $10 or more each month off of rental fees. While you will have to make the initial purchase of equipment, it will pay itself back in months for standard setups, and allow you to get custom configurations and security settings.

The modems and wireless routers provided by internet service providers tend to be base models and tend to be used. If you purchase your own Wi-fi Router, you will typically be getting a better quality device

Increase Your Wi-Fi Range

Spotty wireless internet connection? Aside from running CAT-5 or CAT-6 Ethernet cable direct to your device (if possible- many devices don’t have connection option), you can extend your wi-fi coverage two different ways:

Buy a Better Router

Wireless routers all have different ranges and bandwidths. When you choose your wi-fi router, you can pay more to have an increased wireless coverage area.

You can also get a dual-band router that transmits in two separate frequencies. This is especially helpful in highly populated areas where there are a lot of wireless devices trying to connect over a limited amount of bandwidth.

Stack and Connect Multiple Routers

This is usually the best method – effectively building a home/office network. To do this, combine two or more wireless routers together via Ethernet cable (Cat 5 and Cat 6) to cover different areas of your home or business location.

Not only do you extend your Wi-Fi signal, but you increase the number of ports available to connect wireless devices to.

Having multiple routers allows you to segment your wireless signal for security and do so using cheaper low range routers. An example would be a wireless modem to a wireless router.

This would allow you to reduce signal loss through doors and walls, effectively increasing your internet speeds.

Save Money Off Internet Service With These Devices

Browse Wifi Modems to find one best for you.

Save Money Off Internet Services and Other Bills

You can save a lot of money each year by reviewing and reducing your monthly bills. Utilities, communications and other bills can be lowered or cut out completely. Starting with your TV, Internet and Phone services all the way to your other household bills.

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