Cable TV, Internet, Phone Service Providers

Depending on where you live or do business, there are several cable companies that provide TV, Internet and phone services for residential and commercial locations.

In addition, you can mix and match services from different providers to get the best pricing.

Comcast, Time Warner (Now Charter), Charter, Cox, Optimum, Bright House Networks (now Charter), WOW, Frontier, Mediacom, Suddenlink, RCN and CableOne are the 12 largest Cable providers.

Chances are that you can be served by one of the big 3 cable providers: Comcast, Charter or Cox. Together, they service 73% of the US population, less dual coverage areas (very few, if any).

Top 20 US Cable Companies

Cable companies do not typically offer competing services in the same areas as other companies.

You may be able to get DSL or satellite internet, or run a VoIP phone and substitute cable tv service with streaming video if you can get high speed internet where you are located.

With that being said, cable typically offers the fastest internet speeds and most tv channels priced competitively in markets with other service providers such as AT&T or Verizon.

Local Cable Providers

Who your cable providers are depends on where you want to get service. There are a few cities that have two cable television providers, but many have have broadband internet services from smaller cable companies like Fairpoint Communications and Earthlink (acquired by Windstream in 2017).

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Cable service is available throughout a majority of the United States, providing cable TV, high speed Internet, and VoIP phone services. But if not….

No Cable Provider Where You Live?

Many Americans live in rural areas and still want to watch TV and have access to high speed Internet in their home or business. Satellite can provide that service.

All you need is clear access to the sky to receive satellite signal (usually a roof).

Satellite TV service is priced competitively and offers custom solutions for businesses.

Satellite TV & Internet is Available Everywhere

As long as you have a line of sight (no trees, buildings or structures) of the sky where the satellite is located, you can receive satellite signal.

The next concern is whether you rent or own your home, and if it is a condominium or in a home owners association (HOA)which may have rules about where satellite dishes can be placed.

Many HOAs allow satellite dish installation upon written request, where apartments may be tricky. Some buildings have centralized satellite systems that you can tie into, sharing a dish with your neighbors.

If you own your own traditional house, you most likely can get installed on your roof, or with a tripod or mast where there are trees blocking line of sight.

Digital TV & Subscription Services

There are two types of digital TV services – Streaming and Over the Air (OTA).

Digital TV Services

Over the Air television services requires an antenna but is completely free. It consists of the major networks in your region and is in Hi-Definition.

Streaming Subscription TV Services


Streaming services have come a long way recently and consist of major names like Netflix, Hulu and Furbo TV. Other providers also have built packages of content like Google, HBO, Showtime and Disney.

To get streaming service, you need an internet connection. The good thing is that it doesn’t have to be super fast – DSL or satellite internet will suffice, with high-speed cable internet services being able to handle multiple TVs at the same time.