See the Top 7 VoIP Phone Providers in US

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is using an internet connection to make a phone call. Traditionally, telephones were used to send analog signals over landlines since the invention in 1876.

While most internet providers offer a digital phone service, there are many stand alone service providers and solutions for residential and commercial calling.

Choose From the Best VoIP Services

Pricing out phone service for your home or business can be a pain, especially if you don’t know what providers there are. We made this guide to help you navigate your options and choose the best VoIP service for the lowest price.

When choosing the best phone service, you need to consider where you are calling (multiple countries?), how many people are calling (how many seats or phone numbers), and what features you need. Voicemail, phone trees/directories, call forwarding, conferencing and other popular features are available in different packages from each provider.

Here are the 7 Top VoIP Providers

Voice over Internet Protocol phone service allows users to call over the internet, saving money and offering tons of extra features without additional equipment like voicemail machines or even physical phones. You can just plug a headset or microphone into a computer and start calling.

Residential – VoIP for Home Phone

I’ve personally used both of these VoIP phone providers in my home and business. They work well as long as you have a good internet connection. I had trouble with Vonage and Time Warner cable, but believe it was because there were too many people on my internet service blade, which is a downside of cable internet.


Vonage is one of the longest standing VoIP phone service providers for residential and commercial phone services. A publicly traded company (VG), you can rest assured that they resources and network stability that some of the smaller VoIP providers don’t.

Features: Voicemail, Call Recording, Auto Attendant, Video Conferencing/Chat

Cost: $19.95 – $39.95 per line, no annual contract

You also have to make sure you have fast enough internet to handle the VoIP call without skipping due to low upload speeds.

Phone Power

Phone power is one of the cheapest VoIP phone service providers available. I currently have them for $16/month including taxes. While their online interface is pretty basic, it gets the job done.

Is DSL Internet Fast Enough for VoIP Phones?


RingCentral proclaims they are more than just a virtual phone system, and they’re right. Also a publically traded company (RNG), their cloud based services specialize in small business and enterprise communications.

Features: Video Conferencing, Team Messaging, Contact Center, Online Fax

Cost: Business starting at $19.95 per seat – Enterprise rates are given by quote depending on how many lines you need.


8×8 is a company with a long standing history in the communications industry. Early pioneers of video conferencing equipment, the serve businesses of all sizes and needs. Based in San Jose and trading on the NYSE under the ticker EGHT, they are among the most trusted VoIP providers in operation

Features: Communication Equipment, VoIP Hosting, Worldwide Service, Video/Audio Conferencing  

Cost: Starting at $28.00 a month, per user with discounts for larger networks


Based in New York City, BCM One provides custom, VoIP solutions for businesses of all types. Boasting their hosted PBX service, InPacket™, BCM One offers cloud VoIP calling and network security at low cost.

Features: Unified Command Center, SIP Trunking, Hosted VoIP, Skype for Business

Cost: Contact VoIPLaunch for custom solution and quote


Masergy provides world class VoIP communications unified over a secure cloud network. Their Intelligent SIP Trunking and unified communications analysis will keep your business communications at maximum efficiency.

Features: Communications Analytics, SIP Trunking, UCaaS Analyists, Cloud Contact Center

Cost: Contact VoIPLaunch for a quote on a custom plan for your company.


Located in Phoenix, Nextiva specializes in keeping small business communications simple. Trusted by over 150,000 small businesses and enterprise customers, Nextiva stands out as a solid solution for VoIP services. 

Features: CRM Software, Voice and Chat, Online Surveys, Unified Business Communications

Cost: Starting at $34.95 – $44.95 per month, per user with discounts after 4 users

TPX Communications

TPX offers unified VoIP communication solutions for call centers and businesses alike.  Connect with your team and customers with UCx, TPX’s unified communications platform like a pro.

Features: Virtual Fax, SIP Trunking, Customer Retention Management, HD Voice and Video Calls and Conferencing

Cost: Contact VoIPLaunch for custom solution and quote

What Is the Best VoIP Solution for Your Business?

There are a lot of options when choosing your VoIP provider and it can be difficult to be sure you have made the right decision.

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